Creating paths to global health access for all

Our Mission

is to provide to all patients across the globe healthcare right at their home.

By providing software capabilities to health facilities we enable them to reach patients at their homes.


Our Platform

suite of healthcare software tools



The central dashboard for health clinics produces itineraries for upcoming home visits using chronic disease patient data

Our mobile version for health workers keeps their daily home visit itineraries in a centralized place and provides smart checklists for them during patient home visits.

Smart SMS Chat

Our SMS chatbot for patients notifies them of upcoming home visits and allows them to report any concerns directly to their health worker.

Managing over

70 daily deliveries


How We're Different


Addressing unmet technological needs

Our system’s minimal data requirements, offline compatibilities, and geotagging features enhance the workflow of low-tech health facilities.

Simple and Intuitive Platform

Our web dashboard has been designed to ensure clinics can perform all essential tasks with no more than three clicks.


Proprietary health data

We recognize the power of data for providing visibility to systemic issues. Our platform collects information on previously invisible populations, allowing us to affect healthcare decisions.

Mobility Health | | 2021