Our Story

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Pilot Study



Healthcare’s last mile challenge describes the disparity between where healthcare resources are located and where the patients who need them are. In many rural areas of South Africa, health clinics have trouble retaining their patients due to geographical, communication, and financial barriers.

The Problem

In rural Africa, 61.5% of chronic disease patients who initiate treatment at a facility are eventually lost to follow-up (LTFU) and discontinue their treatment.


The Idea

Our team first conducted field research in South Africa in 2019. We met providers, patients, and governments to learn why the last-mile was such a challenging obstacle. We learned of the difficulties patients faced accessing primary care and realized the potential for technology to address these gaps.

We launched our product in September 2020 through our partnership with the Cipla Foundation and a Kheth’Impilo clinic in Cape Town. We are working closely with our partners and the health workers in the clinic to ensure our platform is as friendly and useful as possible. 

Through the course of the pilot study, thousands of patients are active on our platform and missed deliveries have reduced by 90%.